Found a really cool sci-fi review blog.

„The interesting thing about books showing a utopic (I know the word doesn’t exist, neither do space elves but we have both!) society – where people don’t need income, to feed themselves, where everyone is free to pursue whatever passions or hobbies they have – is one common factor. You live long enough you see yourself not turning into a villain, but you do get bored. If for a baby the world is a wondrous place full of mysteries, for a 500 year old person everything starts to repeat itself. The ones that want to survive seem to be the head cases, the obsessed or the ones that were changed or changed themselves to always feel satisfaction from what they do. I’ts something that appears in more than one book, the real killer is boredom. Immortality seems to suck after a while.” (from Temporal void review)

Check it out:  http://scifireviews1i.blogspot.ro/