Tom Grennan – Patience

“Let’s learn to walk before we can run”

The voice, man. THE voice.


Oh Europa

Oh Europa is a 30000km journey collecting love songs. Over 6 months in 2018, Action Hero are travelling across Europe in a motorhome, recording songs of love, hope, heartbreak, loss and desire, sung by the people we meet. This ever-evolving archive will be broadcasting 24/7 from beacons placed, by us, at literal edges of the continent, but also the invisible boundaries, margins, cultural junctures and geological edgelands of Europe.


They will be in Romania between 11 OCT – 14 OCTB 2018 to take part in BUCHAREST INTERNATIONAL THEATER PLATFORM🙂

PITB. ACTION HERO OH EUROPA-20 (c) Paul Blakemore

(c) Paul Blakemore

Alexander Wren – Morning Light

“Cause I’ve been waiting all day for the night

And I don’t care if it’s wrong or if it’s right

Cause wakin’ up with you here by my side,

Is worth it all, in the end, in the morning light”

I used to think that only if I lived my life as I used to see on Instagram I’ll be happy and fulfilled. Last evening I tried cooking and I got a bad injury because of the steam (I am really not a great cook). I overreacted. I was  yelling and crying that it hurts. Well, it did. But I’m such a child sometimes. You put up with so much drama. You turned upside down the huge box full of medicines, band aids and so on. Nothing for my burned finger. That was it, I said to myself, I was going to die, no one could do anything. Drama all the way. omg. You took the car despite me asking you not to. During the time you were gone I tried to relax, to breathe, to chill a bit. It took me a while to relax and re-think my attitude. You came back with the only thing that calmed my pain. You calmed my pain. Thank you for not listening to me when I’m being insane.

You’ll never see this kind of love on instagram. The histerical cries, the needy parts, the depressing thoughts. Cause love is messy, full package of tears, despair, compromises. And little moments of joy, little moments of relief, little moments of love and everything. And when you put all the little things together you get happiness. The non-Instagrammy one. The real one.